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I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 15 years, and today I use my honed craft to deliver messages of advocacy for abused women by educating about abusive patterns, calling for greater awareness, and sharing messages of hope and empowerment on Facebook.

I do the same as above, but not quite as frequently, on Twitter @writerjannaleadbetter.

I contributed to Women Unplugged for a few years:

You’ll find archives at my old blog, Something She Wrote:

An Army of Ermas has a handful of my humor essays:

And I’ve contributed blog posts to Rose & Thorn Literary Journal, as well as edited many prose features for them:

Back in another lifetime, a small house considered my first novel, and the writing on my then-blog, Something She Wrote, caught the interest of a literary agent. Neither opportunity developed. Now, years later, I share to remind myself that potential is still in me, and I can get there again.

Please note: In some of these places and others, you’ll see me listed as Janna Qualman.

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