Hitting the Path

When you’re a writer, there are ideas and there’s inspiration, which might not pan out, or can remain a bit aimless. And then there’s finding your platform with sudden, clear epiphany and finally understanding the story you must write. Plots and premises fall in line. Character development takes form. Research becomes fun and satisfying. And the work happens, because you both want and need it to.

The road ahead of me with my novel-in-progress is long, but for the first time in years I have direction. And, possibly, for the first time ever, a story which suits and fits me (and my writing) perfectly.

I wish this for all writers.

Cat and Mouse: A Torrid Affair

Freddo was handsome, make no mistake. Filled with equal parts fluffy stuffing and machismo, he’d been irresistible to Kit Kat from the very beginning. Sure, she knew a love affair between cat and mouse was risky, flat unacceptable in many circles, but she’d lived her whole life on her own terms. This would be no different. She would love Freddo or be damned.


Kit Kat and *GASP* Freddo

Their moments were hidden and heated, for they could be no other way. Her persons would disapprove. They just wouldn’t understand, she believed with all her being. Until that crisp fall day, anyway, when something unanticipated happened and Kit Kat learned the truth.

Having been caught mid-frisk with Freddo, both guilt and self-righteousness were too strong in Kit Kat. “Look away!” she hissed.

Janna, head person, seemingly unable to process what she’d just stumbled upon, could only whisper. “What the…?”

“There’s nothing to see here.” Kit Kat tried to shield Freddo. None of this was his fault, after all. It was on her, every bit, and protect him she must.

“Kit Kat?” Janna said. Tears filled her eyes. “Freddo?”

“It’s not what you think!” Kit Kat turned to Freddo. “Don’t say a thing, love.” They would run away if they had to. She’d lived on the streets before, and for years. She could do it again. As long as she had Freddo…

Janna knelt close. “Kit Kat, how could you?”

“I will not apologize.”

“Apologize for what?” Janna wiped the wetness from her left cheek. “How could you keep this from me? This is wonderful.”

“What?” Kit Kat didn’t understand. “What is wonderful, Janna? I need to hear you say it.”

By this time they were both crying.

“Love, Kit Kat.”

“Go on,” Kit Kat whispered, barely audible.

“Love is wonderful. And I won’t keep the two of you apart. I could never. But…” Janna glanced over her shoulder. “I have to go,” she stated with sudden firmness.

“I knew it.” Kit Kat’s heart sank. “You can’t even look me in the eye anymore.”

“Don’t be silly,” Janna said. “It’s just I have to get back to work. My lunch break is over.” She slung her purse over her shoulder.

“We’re good here then?” Kit Kat dared ask.

Janna smiled. “Of course we’re good here.”

“Excellent.” Kit Kat turned to Freddo, her thoughts amorous once again, as she called wistfully after Janna. “See you later, person.”


Just a fun flash fiction piece written last fall, prompted by this photo I’d snapped of our cat. And yes, her mouse. His name really is Freddo.