She’s a woman. She’s determined.


“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi, I’m Janna. Join me as I navigate life?

I’m a thirty-something mom, still putting work into who I am, and raising two girls—Biggest (a teen) and Littlest (a tween)—who are discovering who they’re going to be. It’s a trip, I’ll say that.

I’m also dipping back into the world of writing after a few-year hiatus. My creative goals are to capture the human condition and relate to others through personal essays and fiction.

In the past, my first novel was requested in full (and rejected) by a NY publishing house, and the writing on my last blog garnered an agent’s interest. But the timing of my personal journey was off… Now I’m back at it, working again toward that potential.

I’m taking things one day, one hour, one thought at a time. I’ll share some of my insights and experiences, failures and lessons along the way.

Thanks for stopping by! Be well.

Tell me your thoughts:

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